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Turn your players into lifetime fans with AI-driven engagement. Automatically reply to all your store reviews, reward players with in-app items, and manage your community all in one place. The easiest way to engage your players.

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FanCraft - The Easiest Way to Engage Your Players​
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Players Are Unhappy

Every star lost on app reviews can mean a hit to your download and retention metrics.

Negative Reviews Problem for Mobile Games
Negative Reviews Problem App Store and Google Play

Swift, responsive updates and showing players their feedback matters can turn those stars around and keep users engaged.

FanCraft Delights Your Players
at Every Stage With AI

Answer Reviews Quickly

Analyze thousands of reviews in a matter of seconds. Identify problems, reply to your players automatically with AI, and delight them with rewards.

Answer Reviews Quickly​

Reactivate Your Users

Unlock the value of players who haven’t played in a while. Engage their interest with tailor-made reward boxes and turn them into your lifetime fans.

Delight Your New Users

Quickly create immersive onboarding flows for your players, learn from insights, and A/B tests to adjust to their taste.

FanCraft - Delight Your New Users
Revolutionize Your Player Engagement

Leverage Player Feedback to Increase Downloads and Retention

Answer Reviews Quickly

Let AI respond to your store reviews and emails
in real-time and train it to fit your brand voice.

Effortlessly gather all player feedback and generate automatic AI replies tailored to your game.

Turn player feedback into insights with AI sentiment analysis.

Immediately discover issues raised by your players and get recommendations for next steps.

Delight New Users

Onboard your new players seamlessly and boost your game’s retention.

Create a variety of onboarding experiences, each with different game elements and rewards, to draw in players of all kinds.

Optimize you FTUE with insights collected from your users and liveops reports.

Quickly iterate your onboarding paths, test, and improve it with targeted users in minutes rather than days.

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